The Church and the Building

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Necessity is the mother of invention! Necessity dictates that we become more concerned about security after our church has been robbed multiple times. Recently the video projector, a bunch of expensive tools, microphones and a bunch of cables were stolen. You can read more about that HERE. Some have proposed putting a sign on the property that says, “if you need something, just ask!” We’d prefer to just give people what they want, instead of them taking it without asking!

Initially “phase 2” of our ongoing construction project was going to be a two-story scheme that included bathrooms, a conference room, a study and a lobby. But given recurrent losses due to theft, “phase 2” has changed!

We’ve decided to build a second story on the existing structure, which will be a temporary home for a family in the church who is willing to live on the property and keep watch, in exchange for free housing. The new “Phase 2” will eventually be used as an apartment for visiting families/students as well as an all-purpose meeting area.

The church, of course, isn’t a building! It is composed of “living stones,” built together around the Cornerstone, Who gives order, purpose and life to the entire structure. We would appreciate your prayers for the church and the concrete structure as we move forward with connecting utilities and acquiring additional permits. But much more importantly…that each Spirit-indwelled “stone” would yield to the Master Builder’s will.

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