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I’ve been discouraged lately about the state of the evangelical church in Mexico.

For the last two weeks I’ve taught the Tuesday evening Bible study, giving Ismael a break from the study we’re going through, entitled Nueva Vida en Cristo 4 (New Life in Christ, Volume 4).

In two weeks we briefly discussed six controversial theological positions. 1.) second blessing 2.) tongues 3.) prophecy 4.) power encounters and demon possession 5.) Judaism and the church and 6.) male leadership in the local church.

Why? Because in the Christian community here in Mexico City, are little church is in the minority regarding our positions on these controversial topics. Right now there are three new families desirous of joining, and as you may imagine, they have stories to tell.

One family relates how a new pastor came into their former church and began introducing all sorts of new worship styles, including running in circles around the church sanctuary, and vomiting “in the Spirit.” The preacher laid hands on rows of people who would congregate at the front of the church, and they would fall back, “slain” as it were, in the Spirit. Nearly every service, the same woman would stand up and, in a loud, confident voice, give a “prophetic” message to the church.

Another visitor, a woman with several children, commented how she and two of her kids were manipulated into being baptized, practically against their will, at the end of a meeting sponsored by a well-known nutrition and vitamin distributor and retailer. They were later pursued aggressively and made to watch a video of a “preacher” from Brazil, declaring that God spoke to him directly, told him to build an ark like Noah’s, and when it was finished, Jesus would come back. Oh, by the way, arks are expensive to build, so send your money.

No wonder many people here are confused as to what Christianity really is! May God help us to preserve the centrality of Christ and Calvary’s cross! May God help us live a life of love and maintain the salty savor of a holy life!3D

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