Third Church Plant in Ixtapaluca!

Some of you know that this past Sunday, November 6, we officially began Sunday services in Palmas 1, another neighborhood in Ixtapaluca. It was extremely encouraging to know that many people were praying for us, and neat to hear some many people afterward ask us about it.

Below is a selfie that Matheus took at the very beginning of our time together…a rather unconventional way to begin the church’s first service, but it worked!

I don’t like counting…always remember when King David did it, and that didn’t go over well! But I do know that we had a total of 7 families there (counting the Cottrills and us), including men/husbands/fathers in each of those families. That’s cool!

We so appreciate the help of students from Word of Life Mexico in this endeavor!


Below, a map of where we’d like to see Bible-teaching churches in Ixtapaluca, with the help of Google Maps. Churches have been established so far in two of these areas…Santa Barbara in 2005, Jesus Maria in 2010, and now Palmas 1 (still working on the “established” part of that definition)!




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