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These past 8 days we were privileged to receive a group of 19 people from Mount Calvary Church in Elizabethtown, PA. The theme for their time here was “Going Viral…Living an Infectious Faith!” Here are some of the ways that we tried to “spread” the wonderful virus of the gospel of Jesus!

1 soccer tournament

3 baking classes

1 wheelchair event (9 chairs donated), with one lady putting her faith in Christ

2 visits to a home for the elderly

1 visit to a jr. hi. where a skit was performed by the group twice, with a Phys. Ed. class for around 700 kids.

The group also had quite a bit of interaction with the church here, with many of them staying in Mexican host homes. We prayed and sang in both Spanish in English, sensing the Spirit of God that unifies us.

Below, a list of the service projects done:

Over 1200 sq. feet of tile laid in both floors of the church

A handball court painted green

Trash pick-up and grass mowed

Honestly, we are exhausted…but joyful! What a blessing to work together in the Lord’s work, to make new friends and to realize once again together that God’s family is huge, and very special!

Below, just a small sampling of pictures that Jim Buckner took while here. For much more, make sure you make it to Mt. Calvary’s 10:15 a.m. Sunday service, to hear the full report!

mayra wheelchairs

group working group volleyball group song group skit dana group ryan group pyramid group pic bas group photo mc group pepenacho group painting2 group mike group mike whistle group lauren old person group jordan group hands group guys popo group flag group devos group denny group david group david tina group construction1 group concrete2 group concrete group cathy aaron group card game group basketball

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