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Here are the top ten posts from 2015. A sincere thanks to those of you who occasionally visit this site, pray for the ministry here and are interested in the happenings of the Fry family in Mexico City. If you missed some of these popular posts…check them out!

1. Yeast (March 19) Developing intentional relationships with a non-threatening theme

2. This Past Week in Pictures (June 20) A pictorial review of Mt. Calvary church’s time with us in June.

3. Too Fearful to be Sorrowful (June 27)  Court rulings and the place of church in culture.

4. Loving Our Enemies. Turning the Other Cheek  (May 20) Reflections on ISIS, Dennis Miller and the role of the church in an increasingly antagonistic world.

5. Is the End Near–Part 1 (September 29)  Current events give an end-time feel.

6. Our Son Daniel (November 26) Third-culture kid adjustments, football and proud parents.

7. A Ministry for the Rest of Us (March 20) God can use anybody to do just about anything.

8. Cars and Corruption (July 29) Dealing with regulations and everyday corruption in Mexico.

9. We Can Afford to Be Generous People (June 16) Generosity, grace and love has to be a part of our faith.

10. Conferences, Wheelchairs and Skate Parks (April 24) The title pretty much describes the post!

Honorable mentions:

A Broad Definition of Faith (February 20) Gaspar and family living out faith in rural Oaxaca

That’s Just Something I Do (June 8) “Normal” changes that God does in a life.

“Little Animals” (October 9) Fumigating an elderly shelter

Finally…a recent picture taken by Cathy (using a camera given to her by James Buckner…thanks Jim!) of our ever-present neighbors, the volcanoes. One is more active than the other…haha.



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