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Here are the Top 10 posts from April 2012 to April 2013. Click on the link to check them out!

#1 Spiritual Dynamics and Theft
    Almost one year ago, Mayra was held up at gunpoint, and our Dodge Journey was stolen!  SO grateful that she was not injured in any way. The vehicle was recovered one day later, thank the Lord. It took us 5 weeks to clear the stolen vehicle report, but we thank the Lord for the many ways that we saw his hand in this event. 

#2 Is Mexico aChristian Country? (Part 1) 
      I recently started writing about Mexican Roman Catholicism, some history and the intense sycretism that exists here. Parts 2,3,4 and 5 have already been published on the blog, with more to come.

      When you allow images to be worshipped, there’s no telling where idolatry will end. On this post, probably the creepiest picture I have ever taken, a mix between the Virgin of Guadalupe and a demonic figure.                            

     FAMEX, a small missions agency I’m involved with, is planning a really cool missions conferences for the Bible churches in Mexico City and beyond. Check out the details.                 

     I was privileged to sing in the Moody Chorale while at MBI. Gerald Edmonds, since retired, was a huge mentor in my life. Some reflections about that group.                                                       

     If I ever publish a book, this is going to be in it. Thoughts about power, economics and the upside-down priorities of this world in light of the life of Jesus. 

       One day after we thought we’d never see our van again…we did! A call from the local police informed us that the van had been found and reported about 6 hours after it was stolen.                                                 

#8 Hector and Lilia
        God continues to do great things here! Hector and Lilia’s testimony is so sweet!                                                                          
#9 Authenticity and the New Evangelical Elite
       How humility and self-sacrifice contrasts with speaking venues and being cool in today’s evangelical culture.                           

     Comments on the passing of friends.



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