Unimaginable Dangers, Many Secrets

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Good friend and pastor Fernando Amezcua and the church that he pastors, Grace Bible Church (Iglesia Bíblica Gracia) in Guadaljara has just undertaken a large project to replace their notoriously leaky roof.

And they came up with an extremely creative way of promoting the project…in the form of a mock “horror” flick. If you can’t understand all of the Spanish, it goes like this:

A true story…for 23 long years…the church’s roof held many secrets…unimaginable dangers…ancient dripping, dirt, dust and asbestos…this Fall, Project Donum.

If you’d like to help this church with this huge project, let me know! Fernando, in addition to being the pastor of Gracia, is also the president of FAMEX, and small Mexican mission desirous of sending Mexican missionaries to the many needy areas in Mexico and all around the world. Fernando helped me this year with 6 Camino Global interns who were involved with a youth retreat in Guadalajara and a missions trip to a small town in state of Michoacán called Quinteo.

A shout-out to Tim Conrad, visionary, master networker and all around good guy! We had an extremely encouraging telephone conversation today! Tim is founder and president to Uncharted Waters Sports Ministry.

Make sure you scroll down and watch the video!

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