Valley Reunion. Good Friends. Same Language

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We’ve had a lot of people in our house over the years, including many visitors from the U.S. It’s always wonderful to return to a church after a period of time and renew contact with Valley Bible Church friends that we haven’t seen for, in some cases, over 10 years. 

We were able to touch base with Jonathan, Bernie, Adrian, Tim and Noel from a Valley Bible team that visited us way back in 2002 or 2003. We somehow missed Kirby, who was doing sound for the first service. And Ted Montoya, now at Boundless Grace Community Church, was at a wedding all day Saturday. Joel was visiting family on the East Coast, but we were able to talk to his dad, Jackson. On Saturday evening we went to Susan and Randy Tunison’s house. Susan and daughter Melanie also visited us, sometime around 2006 I’m thinking, here in Ixtapaluca. Although Susan is a vegetarian, she promised we’d eat meat, and boy, did she deliver!

Cameron Fenske, a Moody grad who has visited us several times and done several high-quality videos for us, also drove down from Santa Rosa for the Saturday evening get-together. Always great to see him and hear of his plans…new job, a girl-friend in MI!

We made lots of new friends too. Tim Vahlstrom, Matt Nicosia, the Lees, Shelly, Shawn, Steve and Janet, José, and so many more friendly faces. We ate pizza with Gabe and his wife Jennifer.

Heaven is going to be fun. Our lives seem so segmented at times…so many Spanish-speaking friends that we dearly love. And many dear English-speaking friends. Rumor has it we’ll be able to communicate all together in the same language one day. But we already do, using the language of love, that we’ve received from our Redeemer.

Below…some pictures of San Francisco that we were able to take this past Saturday. What a beautiful city. A needy city as well.

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