Visit to Río Blanco, Veracruz

The Fry family had a great time this past weekend visiting friends in Rio Blanco, Veracruz, very close to Orizaba. Karen Mendez spent around 7 months with us last year, visiting us every weekend and helping with the ministry here as a Word of Life Bible Institute Mexico intern. Karen’s parents are in leadership at the church in Rio Blanco, and this past weekend invited the Word of Life group Fusion to help them with some outreach ministry. Carlos, Karen’s dad, invited us as well, and we were privileged to stay in Carlos and Julita’s home, and help them in several events over the weekend. Cuco and Connie, youth leaders from the church here in Palmas 1, went with us too.

Some of the highlights…an outreach to the community on Saturday that included free haircuts, a free eye exam with glasses, counseling opportunities, several workshops on nutrition, oral hygiene classes (with free toothbrushes) and a limited amount of hearing amplification devices distributed. A lot of Christian conversations happened, and literature was distributed.

On Saturday evening, the Palabra de Vida Fusion group presented a children’s skit entitled “Plan of Escape,” which was very well attended. And of course, in our spare time on Saturday we managed to visit a cool coffee shop and eat A LOT of tacos after the service Saturday evening.

On Sunday, I preached about having an eternal perspective, and to my knowledge, no one fell asleep, had puzzled “what is this guy saying” looks on their faces, or walked out, so I’ll consider that a success! We were also able to touch base with Sammy and Alejandra (Nani). Nani also ministered with us last year as part of her WOL internship. Sammy and Ale were married just three months ago! It was a joy to be able to speak to them about life and ministry.

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  1. Ellie Hamalian

    Hello! I am a Christian expat living in Orizaba and looking for expat connections in the area. Would you be able to connect me to some?

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