Visiting Christian Colleges and Supporting Churches, Being with Family

Mayra and I have been in PA since mid-January, and during that time have had the opportunity to represent our mission, Liebenzell USA, at Cairn University, near Philadelphia, PA and at Lancaster Bible College. Today, I’ll be joining George and Steve at Biola University, for their missions conference this week. I’m looking forward to it!

The past two Sundays I’ve had the opportunity to preach in two supporting churches; Elizabethtown Grace, here where we live, and Leroy Community Chapel, in Painesville, OH.  We’ve had the opportunity to meet with three different church groups that will be visiting us this summer in Mexico. For our last Sunday here, we’ll be back at Elizabethtown Grace, for a commissioning service for Amanda Nissley, who will be serving with us in Mexico City for the next year. Rev. Mike Branch, Global Missions coordinator at Liebenzell, will also be in attendance.

Would you like to visit us the first week in July? You still can! Check out this “Go and See” promo HERE.

We return back to Mexico the end of March, and hit the ground running! We are super excited about a leadership recognition service that will be taking place, Lord willing, the end of April. We are also beginning to raise support for a property for the third church. The congregation has already saved a significant amount.

It’s also been great to spend time with family and friends while here. It’s a bit bitter-sweet for us; we have family on both sides of the border, so we’re always saying goodbye to someone! Here are some pictures of our time here.

Representing Liebenzell at Cairn University
Good times with the family
A couple of visits to the Mountain, Liebenzell USA, in northern NJ, here with our fearless leader Dr. Chris Matthews
Cathy and her German Shepherd, Rey
Amanda Nissley presenting her ministry opportunities in Ixtapaluca
Stocking trout in Central PA with my dad (in this picture) and my uncle and cousin
One of Mayra’s favorite friends, a cardinal

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