Wheelchair Events in New Neighborhoods

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Over the next four days we will be donating 21 wheelchairs to needy people in three different neighborhoods of Ixtapalauca: San Francisco (the town), Jiménez Cantú and Ayotla. The majority of the recipients suffer from muscular dystrophy or a debilitating accident or birth defect.

It is our privilege to work with two other organizations in this effort. Free Wheelchair Mission has the wheelchairs manufactured, and shipped all around the world. Operation Blessing receives the wheelchairs and distributes them here in Mexico. We are able to distribute them free because people like YOU send us the $20 per chair for the importation costs. We’d like to especially thank Leslee Thomas, Heidi Van Horn and Brent Watson for giving through Camino Global‘s special Christmas offering this year.

In the events that we do, we have a brief devotional, sharing with the special recipients the love of God through Jesus. A group of 7 from Fremont Alliance Church in Nebraska will be helping us with these three events. Should be a special time!

We are also working in conjunction with Adventures in Life Ministries with Dave Miller and Gaspar Chable to send wheelchairs to extremely needy areas of Oaxaca, one of Mexico’s most marginalized southern states.

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