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Next Thursday Ismael and I will be going into the city a bit to pick up 20 wheelchairs. These chairs are quite a bit better tan the previous chairs we handed out. They come in three sizes and have adjustable feet mechanisms and back rest.

We already have 8 of the 20 chairs promised, and several more people that we need to meet. Giving out free wheelchairs has been a significant outreach in the past year. We’ve handed out 61 of them since last June.

I’ve been in touch with Dave Miller as well, and am trying to coordinate chair donations with mutual friend Gaspar, in the state of Oaxaca. Dave and Gaspar do all sorts of creative work in Oaxaca. Gaspar mentioned to me a couple of days ago in an email that he already has 20 people who need chairs, and the list is growing rapidly! We get the chairs through an organization called Operation Blessing, which gets the chairs from Free Wheelchair Mission.

Although we hand out these chairs “free” they are not really free…each chair costs about $20, plus our transportation costs in picking them up at a warehouse in Mexico City, putting them together and eventually distributing them.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HELP get one of these chair to a needy person in Mexico City or Oaxaca, please let me know. You can donate through our personal account or through Dave Miller’s Adventures in Life Ministry mission. (Right Dave?).

Today…Josiah and Heather are coming down! Actually I better wrap up this blog post so I can go get them at the airport. Do hope traffic is better than last Saturday, when Jim, Tiffany and Tina took over 4 HOURS to drive the 20 miles to the airport, due to a nasty truck accident on the road between here and there!

Oh, just finished How to Stay Christian in College. Great book. Check out the rather lengthy quote from the book below.

Quote of the Day: Am I saying that you shouldn’t respect the earthly government or law? Not at all; in fact, the Bible requires us to respect them. Just remember that you’re also under a higher government (God’s) and a higher Law (His command). Then am I saying that just because your true citizenship is in heaven, you shouldn’t get involved in earthly causes? No, that would be like saying that just because your citizenship is in heaven, you shouldn’t eat earthly food or breathe earthly air. Just remember you have a higher cause as well-to represent the King. Better than a constitution, you have a gospel. Better than a president, you have a Savior. Better than a flag, you have a cross.
J. Budziszewski. How to Stay Christian in College (Kindle Locations 1052-1054).

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