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The banner at the top of the blog is the banner that friend Paul Johnson will be using for next month’s missions conference at Corban University, with conference speaker George Murray. I remember hearing Dr. Murray back in the day, at Calvary Church in Lancaster, at the old campus near downtown Lancaster.  With some many Calvary Churches in the world, you know you have to be influencial when you have the website!

Anyway, Samuel designed their banner and poster again this year, and did so in record time. Paul really is good at trying to make missions interesting, contextualizing it to a younger audience. The them for this year’s conference….Him Possible, Lordship Protocol. Ok, it’s a bit of a reach, but hey, I’m sure it will make for some great worship music. Da da DA da…. 

Last year Daniel and I participated in the conference, and Daniel was especially happy to join in on an initial pumpkin smashing event with the guys from Farrah dorm. Lots and lots of fun! This year co-workers Tim and Debbie Blycker are at Corban, along with their boys Caleb and Josiah.

So…this promo material really shouldn’t be published yet, right, but I know about 15 people in all of Oregon, so I think we’re safe.

If you need any high quality graphics work done, Samuel is the guy! Speaking of Samuel, please pray today for his wife Aurora, who has been suffering from high blood pressure for the last week, and is currently in the hospital for observation.

Thanks, Pete and Beth, for the book recommendation, I’ve read about half the book so far and am loving it. Quote from it below.

Quote of the Day: Many empowerment programs fail because they are just that, “programs” or “initiatives” rather than the central principle— the genetic code, if you will— behind how the organization does business. You can’t “direct” empowerment programs. Directed empowerment programs are flawed because they are predicated on this assumption: I have the authority and ability to empower you (and you don’t). Fundamentally, that’s disempowering. This internal contradiction dooms these initiatives. We say “empowerment” but do it in a way that is disempowering. The practice outweighs the rhetoric.
Marquet, David Turn the Ship Around!: A True Story of Turning Followers into Leaders (Kindle Locations 1073-1077).

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  1. This looks AWESOME! I’m so excited to be a part of it. The Intercultural students are really on fire for missions and are doing a great job organizing and praying for our WOW week. We feel so blessed!

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