Year End Events

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This week and early next week we wrap up a semester of community center classes, this time in three separate neighborhoods. I will be MCing tomorrow night (Thursday) for the group in Jesús María, and sharing a devotional for the Acozac group next Monday. Tonight (Wednesday) the new group in Palmas 1 had their closing program. Julian and Malu Grymaloski have been teaching a class of around 20 people in their rented house twice a week for several months. This area is likely the neighborhood where our next church planting focus will concentrate.

This past Sunday we enjoyed our annual appreciation dinner with the pastors and lay leaders of the fraternity of Bible churches in the Mexico City metro area. It’s always a special time. This past Sunday was made even more special because we were able to honor Rollie and Jo Ann Smith for their nearly 34 years of ministry here (as well as 10 years in Guatemala). My first destination as a 26 year old wet-behind-the-ears single missionary was with the Smiths, and I learned much working under them. Read more about Sunday from coworker Jim Cottrill HERE. I also met Mayra while ministering in Ecatepec, and that was QUITE the bonus.

A Powerpoint was shared, and testimonies were given to the Smiths, many with tears. It was a special time. We also created a Facebook page, where many friends shared testimonies and photos.

Our church construction continues to progress. In the next week or two, the upstairs walls will be finished, and windows and aluminum doors with be installed. It is AWESOME to see the progress. Please continue to pray for the real church, the people, as there have been several real challenges in the past several weeks. Here are some pictures.

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