Youth Group Progress Report

Youth ministry is funky…fun but often unpredictable. Great participation…until there isn’t. Why does it seem like a youth group can go from awesome to nearly non-existent in the space of 6 months??

We have certainly had some challenges with the youth ministry here in Ixtapaluca. I won’t go into the details why, but we’ve been through some unexpected and not entirely pleasant leadership earthquakes lately. All of that has motivated Mayra and I to take a much more active role in youth ministry, creating an informal yet structured environment for learning, games and general craziness.

For several months now we’ve invited youth people to a Bible study in our house on Wednesday nights at 7 p.m., and have hosted the youth group also at our house on Saturdays at 5 p.m. After a rough couple of months when attendance hovered at 10 or less, we’ve been struggling with space recently, with both the Bible study and the youth group attracting 20-26 kids. They of course manage to eat us out of house and home on both days, but it is a privilege to have them in our home. Of course, when our kids where here, we’d have kids in our house EVERY night of the week. But every now and again we’ll have a Settlers of Catan game on one of the free nights.

We are going through the foundational Bible study Vida Nueva en Cristo 1 on Wednesdays, and another youth-oriented study on Saturdays.

This past Sunday the youth people presented two different skits, and also sang three songs. Several of the kids also played instruments (Ulises, Nathanael).

Please pray for this great group of kids, that they would seek the company of healthy, godly friends and stand up to the intense pressure of an increasingly evil and corrupt world that surrounds them.


2 thoughts on “Youth Group Progress Report”

  1. Hi, Jim! I would love to meet some of those “kids” shown in the latest pics you have sent out! I find it hard to realize, but 2weeks from today, I’ll be in Guatemala! Can’t wait to wrap my arms around Jose and say, in person – “Jose, ven aqui – necesito un abrazo! – Te amo, mi amigo!” Then, of course, I will turn to his Madre, and say “Mama, un abrazo suave, talvez? – Encantado de conocerle”.
    I still break into tears when I think about that moment of greetings!
    Jim, I would love to acauire some Low Voice Gospel style solo music
    “en espanol”. Any ideas? I sang my first solo in 32 years a couple
    of Sundays ago, and would love to acquire some in Spanish!
    God bless you all!

    1. Hi David,
      I sent your note to Jim Cottrill, hopefully you’ve heard from him by now. Jim and Shari are our missionary coworkers. God bless,

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