Community Center Events 2018

As many of you know, the auditorium in Jesus Maria was coconstructed this past year, and services began in the new, bigger area in December. Then the question becomes…how can we use this large space to reach out to the community? This past Saturday a bunch of new activities began at the new facility, including baby ballet, ballet, traditional dance, an art class, women’s volleyball, basketball and English. Now is also the time for Jr. Hi students to test into a place in High School (preparatoria). Not everyone has that privilege here. All of these opportunities are offered free of charge, as church members and friends of church members voluntarily offer their time and talents.

Attendance the first Saturday averaged around 5-8 people per class, but participation is sure to increase as these opportunities become known in the community.

God gives us spaces with the intention that they be used. He gives us all talents and abilities that he doesn’t want hidden, but utilized. Jesus instructs us that the world will give glory to God when they see our good works, and that we were saved with the express purpose to do good works. May this be so!  Matthew 5:13-16, Ephesians 2:10.

Below, a short video from a food sale and fund raising event this past week at the church.



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