A Circular Dinner at the WTC Mexico City

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After never visiting the World Trade Center in all our years here, turns out going there is becoming quite the habit, at least for this week!

Mayra and I enjoyed a rare kid-less time together yesterday, celebrating 18 years of marriage. Quite the time of reflection, mentioning all the Mexican states, U.S. states and foreign countries that we’ve been able to experience in these 18 years! We ate a great meal in the rotating Italian restaurant Bellini´s, which holds the Guiness World record for the largest restaurant of that nature. It takes about an hour and 45 minutes to make the complete circle, and that’s almost exactly how long we were there, observing first the northeast part of Mexico City, then a beautiful view of the south, Chapultepec Park, the Castle, historic downtown, etc… In that time we must have seen upwards of 30 planes, that practically circle the WTC on their way to Mexico City’s international airport. 

Thanks for all of your comments and “likes” on the pictures I posted on FB yesterday! We so appreciate them, and it is encouraging to hear from so many of you!

This evening I was invited to translate for several conferences at this year’s ExpoCristiana, a series of conferences and expositions in the World Trade Center’s huge conference facilities. So in less than a week we’ll be at the WTC Mexico City three times! Hopefully we’ll have a bit more success navigating all the roads around that area. Insurgentes particularly is difficult to cross.

Lots more to say today, but I’ll save it for tomorrow.

Quote of the Day: In 1977, British journalist Malcolm Muggeridge echoed McLuhan and Postman when he wrote Christ and the Media. His purpose was to examine whether or not Jesus, had He been born in the present day, would have left the Dead Sea Videotapes rather than the Dead Sea Scrolls. Muggeridge was very careful to point out that directing, shooting, lighting and editing techniques can be so manipulated that television is inherently a lie.
Cooke, Phil  Unique: Telling Your Story in the Age of Brands and Social Media (p. 121). Gospel Light.

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