A Visit to PA, a Conference in Guadalajara

Shortly after surviving a busy summer (see last post), we finally were able to do something we’d been planning to do for the last several years: take Mayra’s mother Hilda and sister Monica to visit PA. They were thankfully able to apply for and receive tourist visas back in Feb. 2020, a month before the world shut down. Now was finally the time.  During our 4 weeks in PA, Rod was able to preach several times, and represent Liebenzell USA, our mission, at Cairn University‘s fall missions week.

After returning to Mexico, almost right away, Rod flew again across the country to Guadalajara, to preach at a local church that Sunday, and participate in a week of mission-related activities, sponsored by Fernando Amezcua, FAMEX and Grace Bible Community. Liebenzell USA’s president, Dr. Chris Matthews, was the conference speaker for several key events, including the keynote speaker for the Congreso Red missions conference, a youth night and an inter-religious forum for religious liberty, sponsored by the local government in Zapopan, the municipality where the conference events were held. Mike Branch, Liebenzell’s global ministries director, also was present for the conference activities, as well as Gaspar Chable, a good friend and rural outreach specialist who lives in Oaxaca.

Below, a short video about the missions conference, then some pictures of our time in PA in September.


A beautiful fall day to visit Lititz, PA
The sweetest place on earth, Hershey, PA
A visit to the pumpkin patch

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