Conferences, Wheelchairs and Skate Parks

I know Mayra would appreciate your prayers for tomorrow, Saturday April 25. She will be speaking to around 150 women from churches around Mexico City on the topic: How to Control Your Emotions as a Woman. I’ve been watching her control her emotions getting ready for this event…as the computer lost some of her document, and other unexpected challenges! (She’s done well!). Below, a promo graphic for the event.

Sort of the calm before the storm in May, as the Spring community center semester ended the end of March, with a flurry of events along with a group from Pathway Community, and summer activities begin in earnest in June, with visits from several churches, including Mt. Calvary Church, Elizabethtown, PA.

This coming Wednesday we plan to donate another 9 wheelchairs to needy individuals in the neighborhood where we live. This means we will have almost donated all 50 chairs that we acquired in December…only about 4 left. If you’d like to help us get more, let me know! We buy the chairs for about $20 a piece through a non-profit here in Mexico, Operation Blessing. They import that chairs from China, where they are manufactured for another non-profit called Free Wheelchair Mission.

The municipality just finished a really cool skate park, a stone’s throw from where we live. Both David and Cathy like to skate, and David (12) is a real daredevil. Check the video link below if you’d like to see David jump of the top of the half-pipe. If you’d like to do a skater outreach, let us know. We’d love to do something like that.


Skater David (click on the link Skater David to see a really cool video)





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