End of Year Surprises

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I like surprises, and like surprising. Turns out we received several generous Christmas gifts at this year’s end, and I decided to investigate the possibility of flying up and surprising my mom and dad. It started out as just an idea really, but I found a round-trip ticket for a very reasonable price from December 27-31. I arrived late last Friday evening, and my friend Keith picked me up. After talking till 2 a.m. we finally got some shut-eye. 

Keith dropped me off at around 7:15 a.m. last Saturday, and I retreived a hidden key and snuck in the downstairs door, took off my shoes and crept up the stairs to the main floor of the house where their bedroom is. Turns out they had a break-in recently, and decided to put an alarm system on. Apparently my dad turned off the system just a couple minutes before I “broke into” their house! 
They were both rather…speechless! These past three days have been full of drinking coffee, seeing a bunch of family and simply spending time with dear ol mom and dad. They are both such an example to me and to many. 
So hear I am, in Detroit, which was surpised today by an early morning snowfall, ready to return just in time for New Year’s Eve celebrations, feeling blessed!

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