Gracias Kaycee!

We have been privileged to work alongside Kaycee Kaba for the last year as she has served the Lord and the community of Ixtapaluca discipling girls, playing in the church praise band, helping out with baking classes, tutoring English, helping with kids clubs, the internship program, judging English competitions and much more!

Kaycee was sent by Lighthouse Community Church, in Torrance, CA, and we’ve been privileged to get to know Kaycee’s family and some of her church support group over this past year. We hope to visit sometime within the next 20 years!

Our first contact with Kaycee came through Dave Miller and Adventures in Life Ministry. Kaycee served in Ensenada, Guadalajara and Oaxaca for the last 10 years during short-term ministry. She came highly recommended, and has been an asset here in our ministry team.

We have a goodbye party for Kaycee this coming Sunday, her “despedida” as it will be her last Sunday with us. We’re looking forward to eating some good Mexican food and celebrating her time with us. If you know Kaycee, take the time to write her a note, thanking her for her ministry here, and encouraging her on her re-entry to the U.S. soon!

The pictures below were taken near the volcanoes, with Popo, the snow-covered active volcano, as a beautiful backdrop for the first picture. And, unbelievably, Kaycee finished that whole plate of meat!

kc mayra

kc parillada

1 thought on “Gracias Kaycee!”

  1. Don’t forget, I also had 3 of those bread rolls and 2 chicken wings. And the creme brulee… hahaha. It’s been sooooo good to be able to serve with you guys. I learned much… but I’ll be back!

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