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Matheus and Silvia will be married, Lord willing, on November 1st, in Portugal. Soon after that, they plan to accept our invitation to join us in the ministry here. We’re excited about that! Here are some excerpts from both of their “stories” so you can get to know them a bit more:

Silvia: After I finished school I went to Sweden to work. In that year there God was my joy and my desire. So the next year I decided go to Hungary to study the Bible at Word of Life Bible Institute and to invest my life in ministry. The time there was intense, amazingly intense. We were studying the books of the Bible for hours, and I was enjoying the presence of other young people eager to share their faith. There I also broke the ice of fear and start loving street evangelism.

My ministry there was to serve in the worship team, being one of the singers. We were traveling around Hungary to play and sing for God at different events.

At the mission conference 2018, which we were having it our campus, I met Matheus. He and his team from Portugal were singing in that conference. I admired his spirit of leading the worship and the quality they put into it. After the days were passing I keep noticing this tall, bold man from the hundreds of people as being funny and popular.

Matheus: In October of 2018 I went to a Word of Life Local Church Ministry’s in Hungary. Even though I went there to learn more about God’s view on the local church, I left there with a few new friends. One of them was Silvia Petrescu, this really cute and awesomely talented Romanian short girl! When I got home after this conference, I started following her on Instagram and saw some of her amazing drawings. I asked her if she was the author of them and she answered in a super warm way. Three days after chatting, I knew that I wanted to marry her. I asked to get to know her better, she liked the idea and in the 31st of May of 2019 we got engaged. We served together in this Camp season in Portugal and she’s been here ever since in a house of a church friend! We get married in November 1st and if you are reading this, you can come to the wedding too!

Both Silvia and I love the church as the body of Christ but also as a family and a powerful tool to serve the community and reach others with the Gospel. We would love to work with Rod and Mayra because of their testimony of faithfulness as church planters. They need help and we are servants. We wish to apply whatever knowledge we acquire from this in God’s work wherever He sends us. Also, as a fresh married couple, we like the idea of having Rod and Mayra as mentors for this very international relationship that God putted together!

You can make a commitment to them via the Commission Ministers Network website, at this link:  You can either donate as a guest, or register for easier continued access. Please prayerfully consider financially supporting this great couple!

Silvia is quite the accomplished artist! She designed their wedding invitations, the header of this post.

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