Rio Grande Bible Institute and the Landrums

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This past Wednesday, son David and I, along with pastor friend Erik Morga and his wife Patty and daughter Annie left Mexico City around 4:45 a.m. to start what has become our annual trip to the missions conference at Rio Grande Bible Institute. Erik and I went to represent our little Mexican mission called FAMEX, and to participate in this year’s theme, the 4-14 window. As in age…kids 4 to 14.

The speaker was really good…Noel, a former RGBI graduate, currently doing children’s ministry in California. His presentations were practical, Biblical and downright fun, and he gave us all tools to take home and use. I learned some new, fun tricks to do with balloons, especially.

As often happens, our 12 hour trip up to the border was extended about about 4 or 5 hours. We encountered horrendous traffic south of Saltillo, literally 10 miles of solid traffic, mostly tractor trailer trucks. Erik was driving at the time, and did some nifty off-roading in the dusty dirt roads used by the locals off to the side of the main highway. There someone pointed to our back tire, and guess what…the shock absorber was hanging down! After tying it up with some string we finally made it to Monterrey.

As always, it was great to hang out with Adam and Velma and their kiddos. I tried to get into March Madness with Adam, but…well, had trouble doing that! But he was super excited about the Aggies winning (and Texas losing!). Instead of fishing, paintball was the weekend activity…pretty crazy fun! I could barely move later, but it was worth it.

We returned without incident on Sunday, and had a great soccer tournament on Monday as well as getting to know Josh and Becky from Bighorn Camp in Montana. More on that later. Tomorrow…Daniel comes to be with us for a week!

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