Ruth and Elena

We met Reg and Cesca Genter way back in 1997 (I think), before any of our kids were born. We were invited to First Baptist Church of White Lake, MI, now Woodside Bible Church. Woodside continues to support us monthly, for which we are very grateful. *Reg told us about his sister, Ruth Rivera. Ruth’s husband worked at the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City, and they had a maid, Elena, that Ruth wanted to reach with the gospel.

When we arrived in Iztapalapa in 1997, we made contact with Elena. To make a long story shorter, on our very first visit with Elena, Elena and her mother and sister put their faith in Jesus. Elena was baptized in 1998. She began to reach out to her daughters, Laura and Lety. Laura married Martin around this time, and they also trusted Christ and were baptized in 2002. Martin and Laura, along with Elena, moved to Ixtapaluca in 2001. Our first Bible study in Ixtapaluca was in February, 2002, in Elena’s house. We followed this family to Ixtapaluca in 2004. The rest, as they say, is history!

Martin was recognized as the teaching elder of the first church in Santa Bárbara in 2009. He and his wife Laura have faithfully served the Lord as bi-vocational ministers every since. Elena continues to be a dynamic witness for God, and has reached many with her faithful testimony.

You may remember the Martin Miracle, when Martin was electrocuted and fell from the third floor of his house onto the street. We thank the Lord that he was not killed, and has fully recovered.

Ruth was in Mexico City with her youngest son last week. We ate some great Italian food in a Polanco restaurant, and celebrated in two languages the wonderful ways of the Lord.

*Reg and Cesca just began an exciting new ministry at Rock City Church. Check out his smiling face HERE. (scroll down, Westerville Campus Pastor)


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