Eternal Matters

If you’ve been paying attention to this blog (and others) and to our FB page, you’ve seen a lot of pictures of wheelchairs, hearing aids, concerts, sporting events and construction.  Lots of activity, and we’re excited about every bit of it.

But all of this is a means to an end, not an end in itself.

What is the goal to all of this activity, the purpose behind it? The end is the communication of the good news of Jesus. Our purpose is to see people bow their knee at the foot of the cross, believe in the person and work of Jesus, and then intentionally follow Him. Whether you consider evangelism and discipleship to be two separate concepts, or whether you feel discipleship encompasses both, that’s our end. That’s our goal. If we’ve failed there, everything else is just window dressing.

Much of what we do is a way to open a door into people’s lives, and to a certain extent prepare their  hearts through good works. Obviously God and only God can work salvation in people’s lives. Believe me, certain resources that help people physically like wheelchairs and hearing amplification devices open huge doors for us, even at a local government level, and our only condition is this: we need complete liberty to control the program, and share anything we want from the Bible about Jesus. Now that just doesn’t happen everywhere. Not even in the U.S.

In the middle of the concert last Thursday night, Ray (a friend from Valley Bible) and I talked with a man named José. “How can we pray for you?” we asked him. José began in a rambling way to describe a life that was striving but incomplete. As he attempted to describe what motivated him to come forward and ask for prayer, for me the answer was obvious. The Holy Spirit practically lifted him out of his seat. Ray and I were able tell him the really important reason why he came to us: Jesus loved him, died for him, defeated death, sin and the grave and was able and desirous of forgiving his sin. All of it. Every part of it. Our faith has the only legitimate answer to the problem of sin. God became man, and took upon himself the penalty that only God can pay.prayer wheelchairs

Shout out to Kaycee Kaba, in the featured image at the top, for serving here in Ixtapaluca faithfully for a whole year. For many years she supported our ministry partner David Miller in Adventures in Life Ministry, and continues to do so.




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  1. Haha– when I saw the picture at the top, I was like “Woo hoo– I made it into Rod’s update!” Thanks for the shoutout! I watched the Youtube Clip of the gospel choir– very moving! It’s always exciting to see and hear about how God continues to use you and your connections down there to reach the locals with the message of the gospel! When I start up my blog again, I’ll give you a shoutout. Heh.

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