Only One Worthy

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I’ve written about the celebration of Ixtapaluca’s patron saint, El Señor de los milagros, or “Lord of Miracles” several times before. You can check out former posts HERE. I’ve posted new photos on this entry, photos taken just last week.

Ixtapaluca’s patron saint is an image of Jesus crucified. So…does that mean that Jesus is being worshiped, or has the image of Jesus taken the place, for all intents and purposes, of any other saint, or saint’s image. Other towns “worship” a plethora of other saints and their respective images. In people’s minds, what’s going on? Idolatry, in substituting reality for images, distorts and perverts.

Yesterday we enjoyed a special worship Sunday, something we do the first Sunday of every month. We celebrate the Lord’s Supper, and place special emphasis on testimony and participation in the service. Samuel gave a devotional from Revelation 5. The Lamb is the only one worthy. No one was found in heaven (no angel), on the earth (no saint) and even under the earth (no demon). There is only One worthy!

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  1. Thank you for sharing about the Lord’s work taking place in Ixtapaluca. The devotion on Apocalipsis 5 was a great choice to confront the emphasis with saints in the dominant church. The Cottrills’ will be us this coming weekend to present the work.

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