Our Son Daniel

If you would have told us in early March, 2013 that our son would be finishing out his last two years of high school in Pennsylvania, well, we wouldn’t have believed you! But all that changed after a quick visit to PA that month, at which time we were involved in a missions conference at Word of Life Chapel and Mt. Calvary, and spent a Sunday at Hope Community Church, and one of their small groups.

During our two and a half weeks in PA, Daniel shadowed Andrew Ogilvie at Mt. Calvary Christian, and as God would have it, would end up living with the Ogilvie family and attending school with Andrew that coming school year. He was able to walk to both school and work. This year, Daniel, a driver now, is living with his grandparents at the ol’ Fry homestead, in the same basement where his dad spent his summers when home from college.

The adjustments for Daniel have been extreme. People who don’t understand cultural difference may think that life in Mexico is pretty much the same as life in the U.S. In his book Distant Neighbors, the author Alan Riding says this in the foreword: “Probably nowhere in the world do two countries as different as Mexico and the United States live side by side.” Style and intent of communication, concepts of authority, task vs people, perception of time, individualism vs group orientation and so much more comes into play.

Football, the American version of it that is, is a constant. Whether in Mexico or the U.S., you need to read the play, be smart, and hit hard. Football has been a release for Daniel, and he’s made his mark this year on the Bears team as the #1 tackler, and received quite a bit of recognition at a recent year-end football banquet.

The sport does not come without a price, however. We would appreciate your prayers for Daniel as he anticipates an operation to repair a torn ACL sometime in January. In the meantime he’ll be wearing a brace and giving his damaged MCL a chance to heal.

On this Thanksgiving, we’d like to thank God especially for our son, and also for my parents, who are graciously hosting him, and helping him through the ups and downs of teenage life.



3 thoughts on “Our Son Daniel”

  1. Prayers coming, yes, for Dan’s upcoming surgery and healing.
    Blessings to you for the lives that you are touching there AND here!

  2. Daniel, I don’t know you personally but have been praying for you since I heard about your injury. Once upon a time a long time ago I too was a high school & college athlete so understand how injuries can be such a devastating thing.

    I met your Dad at a conference in Ixtapa recently.

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