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One of the privileges of living between cultures is that we are able to channel resources in strategic and very specific ways. A small gift can make a big difference in the life of someone in Mexico who otherwise may not have access to something potentially life changing.

I remember the tears of joy from a young girl years ago (2008?) who received a used clarinet from the members of a team from Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. We frequently see the expressions of joy in the faces of those who receive wheelchairs we are able to donate because of your graciousness.

So here we go! These are all items that enable you, through us, to bless a life.

1. A new or nice used alto saxophone. Alto saxs are the most common saxophones. It is for a young man named Abraham Damien Muñoz, a committed Christian who has already made his own Christian music CD. You can look him up on Facebook as Abraham DM SAX. You can find new saxophones on Ebay for as little as $200.

2. A wheelchair. We’ve ordered another 50 wheelchairs, and they were supposed to arrive in Mexico from China mid-July, but the shipment was delayed until late September. Check out the Gen2 wheelchairs we receive from Free WheelChair Mission at this website. Each wheelchair costs us 250 pesos (hopefully the price has not gone up), or about $17 at today’s exchange rate. Figure a couple bucks per chair to drive across the city and pick them up, and you can donate a chair for $20. These chairs are imported by another Christian relief organization, Operation Blessing.

3. An audio amplification device. We’re still new to this…figuring out what devices are best, and cheapest, yet effective. Remember, something is better than nothing. To date we’ve purchased somewhere around 30 of these devices, and have begun to distribute them to needy people. These devices as well as the wheelchairs enable us to come in contact with a whole different group of invisible people. So far I’ve been buying these devices on Ebay for about $10 a pop.

Sometime later on I’ll give you another three or so ideas, including Sawyer water filters, portable solar Bible devices (Messengers, from InTouch), and a couple specific personal needs as well.

How to give? Email us or FB message us, and we’ll let you know.


wheelchair girl2 wheelchairs ready

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