Victor’s Adventures at Aztec Stadium

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Victor is back with us after a few days in Ciudad Azteca with the Topp family. While there he was able to go to a semifinals game between two soccer giants, America and Monterrey, in Mexico City’s monster stadium, Aztec Stadium. You can see some photos below. Thanks to Toño Muñoz and his friend Martín López for two tickets on row 22, around midfield!

I was at Aztec Stadium years ago, witnessing a game between America and their arch-rivals, the Chivas Rayadas of Guadalajara. To be honest I didn’t have a whole lot of desire to go back after that game! Intense, playoff-level games are sometimes downright dangerous here. Every goal scored means likely getting bathed in beer (or worse!). In my game, people threw powerful firecrackers from the top levels. One hit fairly close to us, and I felt the rush of air at my feet.

That being said, everyone should go to at least one soccer game! Preferably at Aztec Stadium. Glad Victor got to go!

Quote of the Day: Jesus noticed how the leaders picked places of honor at the table. This is simply one more way we value some people over others. We violate God’s Blue Book. So Jesus gave some tongue-in-cheek advice: When somebody invites you to a feast, don’t go for the seat of honor. Go sit in the kitchen. Humble yourself. Jesus was essentially saying to the host, “Hey, host! Let me give you some advice. Your seating chart is all wrong. You think healing the sick on the Sabbath is wrong and that competing with people for status is right. Let me redo your table assignment. Exalt somebody else.”
Ortberg, John Who Is This Man?: The Unpredictable Impact of the Inescapable Jesus (p. 36).

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