Mount Calvary June 2018

I didn’t have opportunity to post this past week…probably because I was too exhausted to do so! But now that the group from Mount Calvary is probably just about home, I’ll post a quick review of the week.

Among the activities…a soccer tournament, two outreach events with about 90 reading glasses and 25 hearing aids distributed, 4 baking classes of 3 hours each, with about 25 ladies on average every day, 4 English classes with 6-12 people in attendance, visits to a local high school and rehab center, ministry in the church on Sunday morning, including a sermon by Jonathan Witmer, and lots of time with Mexican families eating and laughing, worshiping and crying. We began distributing 200 dresses made by Elizabethtown Sewing Studio through their Dress-a-Girl program, and will continue to do so in the months ahead. Fernando Font, a brother from Uruguay, played his guitar and sang in several of the activities. Check out this video.

We saw the Lord’s hand in many ways, from different spiritual conversations that happened during the week, to helping us not get wet, or sick, at key moments.

Taegan was crying on Saturday morning, before going to the airport. I think most of us thought that she was still suffering from an upset stomach, but these tears weren’t from pain, but rather out of the thought of leaving her new friends in Mexico.

Muchas gracias a las familias anfitrionas, the host families from the church, that graciously gave the team members a bed (sometimes their own bed!), love and food during this past week!

I’ll be working on a video of the week that I hope to post soon. Thanks much for those of you who prayed for this past week, and a big thanks for the partnership we have in ministry with Mt. Calvary. This is the fourth straight year that Jonathan and Dana have brought a group of young people and young at heart people to visit us! You can check out other years here: 2015, 2016, and 2017.


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